Eames aluminum chair

The most significantt thing in a home is the furniture. Second most important is the wall color. Making the right color balance and mixt some good and modern or classcal furniture can turn your home something very unique and comfortable. But not everyone is good in making a nice and warm for your eyes furniture and color combination. That is why people usually leave this to experts. Interior design specialists are people that can give you a hand and make the place you decide to live in warmer and better looking. It is a new field that has evolved not many years ago, but it is turning into a very popular profession. In the past there were only architects and they were responsible for everything in a home. That kind of architects who took care of many things including furniture were the Eameses. The most popular architect couple that designed the popular eames aluminum chair. We are going to discuss it in this article.

The Eameses, who were they?

As we explained in the introduction we are going to talk about Charles and Ray Eames, a very popular couple that left a great impact on modern furniture with their eames aluminum chair. The Eameses were considered to be the two most famous architects in the USA. Ambitious and innovative designers, who made quite some changes and contributed a lot to architecture as well as in the fields of furniture design. In the 1990s the time when they lived they were concentrated mostly on furniture, modern furniture in particular. During their carrier days they got the chance to cooperate with many popular people. They designed customized and unique pieces of furniture for them.  They left quite an impact with their eames aluminum chair. Their pieces of furniture are still popular worldwide. Designing sofas was also something Charles began doing when he got older. He was also interested in photography and films. But he and Bernice left the most valuable deeds in architecture.

Eames aluminum chair

Eames aluminum group

When we say eames aluminum group, we refer to the line of furniture the Eamesses designed. The first design was with a mash back and a seat extended among the ribs of aluminum. It was originally designed as the popular office chairs. The production process was a job of Herman Miller. But the original design didn’t last long since it was changed with black leather, the most typical look of an office chair. These little chairs are very popular since the day of their introduction back in 1960. The unique and classy looks with different materials have let people create the chair they want. They were simply the look of greatness and elegance. The eames aluminum group chairs began in the form of competition among the most successful designers. J. Miller was renewing his home and he needed a unique and comfortable seating piece, so that is what the Eameses designed.

The eames aluminum group lounge chair and the eames aluminum executive chair

The innovative and enthusiastic spirit the Eamesses had made them into a great design couple. Their ideas led to entire new looks of modern furniture. Sophistication and simplicity was the key. That is a mark of the Aluminum group as well. You can find the eames aluminum group lounge chair, eames aluminum executive chair, some management and side models. The eames aluminum group lounge chair has an aluminum frame and a high back. You can’t play with the height of the chair it is fixed, but you can decide on the material and color you want.  The eames aluminum executive chair is with low back and you can find it in different colors and material combinations.


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