Arcade games and what to know about them

Those who enjoy playing arcade games will surely be happy to read this article, because today, we have decided to write something about them. Keep on reading to learn something about arcade games and to see what are the best free online arcade games online.  The term ‘arcade game’ originally represented an entertainment machine which was coin-operated and which was usually located in public spaces, which usually included bars and restaurants. These machines were used to play video games, redemption games or electro-mechanical games. Arcade video games were popular in the period between the 1970s and 1990s. With the increasing of the popularity of 3D graphics (online) video games and the launching on the market of the latest gaming consoles, the popularity of arcade games in the traditional sense of the concept started declining. However, today, arcade games got reinvented with the increase in popularity of online video arcade games. Modern online arcade games are designed to look like the traditional arcade games, but with several new features, such as 2D graphics, lives, isometric view, scores etc). In addition to online arcade games, these are also available for PC or XBLA. Now, let us see which are the most popular and the best free online arcade games.

The most popular free online arcade games

In case you enjoy playing online arcade games, then check out our brief list of the most popular free online arcade games. According to the players, Diner Dash seems to be the most popular arcade game online. This game is available for PC, Mac or you can simply play it online. It offers tons of tasty puzzle fun. The second game on our list of the most popular arcade games is Cooking Academy (it seems like arcade games players love cooking). This is really fun game which can teach you a lot about cooking. The next game on our list is Vegas Solitaire which is classical game that we all love, Solitaire, with the only difference that this game allows you to play it Vegas-style! Cheepers is the next game on our list. This is hyper fun game which will allow you to test your skills. Next, Bubblez. Bubblez will make you pop bubbles all day long. Finally, a game we all know too well, Zuma. Enter into the world of Zuma with this addictive online game.

The best free online arcade games

Because arcadegames are so easy to play, they do not require powerful PC performances and can be played by anyone, they are surely the most popular video games in the gaming world. When it comes to the list of the best free online arcade games, we have prepared a short one. The top five arcade games, according to us, include: Frogger, Dance Dance Revolution, Loco Roco 2, Track & Field Online and Double Dribble Fastbreak. We would like also to recommend you several great web sites where you can play online arcade games for free, such as FreeArcade, FreeWebArcade, ClassicGamesArcade or ArcadeTown. What is your list of the best arcade games?

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